Saturday, August 1, 2015

Levine, Berryman, Sexton - from the archives

Some rare and priceless footage from the archives about the Boston poetry scene in the late 1950s. Philips Levine first talks about Lowell and Berryman, then some Berryman and Sexton reading. Believe me, not to be missed. I just love the freewheeling (non-media trained) nature of these poets, along with their profound commitment to their art.

So, firstly, the wonderful Philip Levine on studying with Lowell and Berryman at the University of Iowa.

This one is a clip is of John Berryman during his famous stay in Dublin in 1967.

Anne Sexton at home. If this was an arts programme today, most of this wonderful interview would've been cut. Something very carefree and honest about this.

And to end, Berryman reading  'Dreamsong 14', again in Dublin in 1967. He's clearly drunk as was his want. So: 'There sat down,once, a thing on Henry's heart' heavy...

Great that this stuff has resurfaced. Poets, and TV, were different then!

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