Monday, June 4, 2018

Five Poems @ Live Encounters: Poetry & Writing

I'm really delighted to have five new poems appear in the current (June) issue of Live Encounters, an online journal dedicated to poetry and writing, edited by Mark Ulyseas. It is beautifully designed by Mark and is always of a very high standard (and broad in its concerns) in terms of the work that appears there.

Some more pieces from my next collection feature here, along with a couple of outliers that I will find a place to use elsewhere, I'm sure.

You can find my page at Live Encounters: Noel Duffy.

You can download the pdf of the entire issue HERE, featuring the excellent work by these many and varied writers. I'm delighted to be included along side them.

In any case, I very much hope you check out the issue (and the many back issues available) and enjoy the work therein as much as I have.