Monday, August 17, 2020

Street Light Amber print edition now available

I'm delighted to report that the print edition of my new collection Street Light Amber is now available. Given the current fluid circumstances surrounding Covid and the ever-changing guidance, I have decided to not launch the collection. This is a great disappointment and nothing compares to the excitement of a launch night. I do hope, though, that you might consider buying a copy. All a writer wants, above all else, is for their work to reach an audience. The rest is just a bonus.

After an absence of three years, the narrator's lover returns. The two slowly begin the tentative process of regaining trust against the backdrop of the city streets of their past. Street Light Amber is a chamber piece, a study in obsession and the metaphysical state of disorientation it leaves in its wake, haunted at its core by love lost and the hope that it might yet be restored.  



Street Light Amber can be ordered from The Book Depository (with free worldwide delivery), Amazon UK and Waterstones. The Kindle edition of the book can also be found at Amazon.

I am very proud of the work in this narrative collection and I really hope some of you may be tempted to buy the collection and if you do you have my heartfelt gratitude.

For now, I'm just so pleased to have the print edition now available. My thanks to my publisher Ward Wood for making it happen during these difficult times.


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